Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great News and Links


Sorry I haven't updated for awhile but if you don't follow me on Delaney's World then you wouldn't be aware of the week I had.

If you have ever doubted entering contests or sweepstakes then stop doubting and start entering because I am proof positive that dreams come true and you can win big.

I won a freaking Ferrari! You read it right, I won a sweepstakes at Roar Clothing USA for a 2006 Ferrari or $100,000. I took the cash without a single look back. Read about the win and hear part of the phone call that changed my life and see me on the local news getting my check!

OMG! I Won a Freaking Ferrari - part one

OMG! I won a Freaking Ferrari - part two

OMG! I won a Freaking Ferrari - $100,000 - part three

I will add a new McLinky in a day or two so check the previous post for any giveaways still ongoing and get out there and enter - you never know what you might win!   :0)
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