Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sorry About the MckLinky Problem

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Okay, having a bit of a problem with the MckLinky cutting off too soon and not accepting the cut off date I put in so I am trying this again.

Please bear with me and let's try this again.

Please add your contest or giveaway below and get out there and enter some, you just might win big!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Giveaway Listings Starting August 24th

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We are starting with a fresh MckLinky so be sure and add your giveaway and check out the ones further down for some that may still be active.

Get out there and enter - you just might win big!

This MckLinky is good through October 15th then it will close.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great News and Links


Sorry I haven't updated for awhile but if you don't follow me on Delaney's World then you wouldn't be aware of the week I had.

If you have ever doubted entering contests or sweepstakes then stop doubting and start entering because I am proof positive that dreams come true and you can win big.

I won a freaking Ferrari! You read it right, I won a sweepstakes at Roar Clothing USA for a 2006 Ferrari or $100,000. I took the cash without a single look back. Read about the win and hear part of the phone call that changed my life and see me on the local news getting my check!

OMG! I Won a Freaking Ferrari - part one

OMG! I won a Freaking Ferrari - part two

OMG! I won a Freaking Ferrari - $100,000 - part three

I will add a new McLinky in a day or two so check the previous post for any giveaways still ongoing and get out there and enter - you never know what you might win!   :0)
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